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BBC 2 Horizon Programme - Setting my own horizons to weight loss

Well I said I would keep you up to date after my response on this websites forum. I am now into my fifth week of the BBC Horizon lifestyle change ( more commonly known as a diet). Before I started this I had been watching what I ate and when I joined my gym I was weighed in at 124 kilograms. I changed my sedentary lifestyle for a more active regime. I work out 5 times a week doing mainly cardio on the bike for 10km or 20km averaging a time of between 21 minutes to 48 minutes depending on the km. I keep the resistance on halfway so its not too easy or difficult.
On other days I do the HIT style which is high intensity training. This consists of 1 minute at a cadence of 110 (which is RPM or how fast do my little legs spin round) this takes my heartbeat up high and I sweat good. I stop abruptly and sit on the bike for 4 minutes. I repeat this for 5 times then stop cardio and go to strength conditioning. On my strength conditioning I use low weights and high reps, my stomach crunches I do 4 sets of 25 reps for a total of 100 crunches at a weight that I feel but not hard.
This might sound like I like the gym, far from it, I go because I am obese, I go because I was very unfit, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, fat hanging everywhere and couldn’t tie up my shoe laces without feeling like I was going to pass out. I am not a gym freak far from it, if I could stop tomorrow and be fit and healthy you wouldn’t see my arse for dust. I go everyday because I am scared of becoming diabetic, I am more scared of that than going to the gym. I should be fit as a fiddle by now after months on end of going to the gym but I am just barely above a sad old basket-case.
I am focussed on this because its my last option, my last hurrah so to speak. If I don’t do this and win then my body loses, my family loses because ultimately I control me, no-one else does, I was given this body as a gift, whether you believe a gift from God or just plain a gift from your parents, its still a gift. My gift is a bit worn out and tatty and I am trying my best to tart it up. It still looks okay polished up under dimmed lighting but wouldn’t stand the glare of a showroom with all the newer models on display.
Well I digress, my diet, oops I mean lifestyle. Its all about the Horizon programme on BBC 2 6 weeks ago. The professor on there went to America where they have done many studies and found that the optimum way on handling food intake was one day 600 calories the other eat normally. He concluded that wasn’t something he could do for long so he chose his own way of 5 and 2. This is 5 days eating normally and 2 days only 600 calories, not only do you supposedly lose weight but it adjusts your blood levels in a really positive way and his changed from pre-cancerous and pre-diabetic to completely normal in 5 weeks. I want to give me a chance not to get these horrible illnesses and maybe in the mean time lose some of my obesity. So here it starts and its an ongoing project so stick with me and see if I succeed or fail. I have adjusted his option to mine which is 4 and 3 that is 4 days of 1200 calories and 3 days of 600 calories, this is purely because I started off in a worse situation of BMI close to 40 and about 120 pounds over the mid-range normal. I will have bad times though, like recently my wife and I went away for the weekend and I slipped on purpose as this has to be a lifestyle not a prison sentence. Incidentally my wife is on it she is bang in the normal range and she still has lost more that me since we started this particular programme she is doing it for 2 reasons, one for her changing her blood levels and the other to help me.
When I started I had already, over a period since starting at the gym and getting active, lost about 5kgs. I didn’t start keeping my anal records until I started the "new horizon" lifestyle so I have in fact lost a lot more weight than is shown on the excel spreadsheet I did. When you look at it you might wonder why I chose 1200 calories as mine for my normal days. This is easy to answer, it’s the "Hairy Bikers", they did a programme just recently where that lost a lot of weight and the professor in Leeds they went to told them they would have to reduce their intake to 1200 average to lose weight. I being a similar size decided that was my baseline instead of the normal daily allowance for a man in his fifties which is 2200 calories per day. To explain some of my thinking, I look at my body a bit like a bank account, it costs me 2200 calories a day for living expenses but being a high earner (eater that is) I get about 2700 calories a day to put in my bank account so I am saving about 500 calories a day which stays in my bank account (body) as fat. In one pound of fat there are 3500 calories so after one weeks work I have saved 500 calories a day times 7 is 3500 calories which is equal to one pound. This means if I earn like this for one year I have saved 52 pounds of fat in my bank account (body). This is how it works simply put, now what I am doing is taking a lower paid job and it only pays 1200 calories a day so I am using 1000 calories of my savings (fat) to survive. This equals 7000 calories a week I am taking out of my bank account which is 2 pounds of fat. That is why it is so difficult for people to understand why they don’t lose loads of weight each week even though they are starving, reducing your intake by half (which is a lot) will really only give 2 pounds lose a week and so people give up. Don’t give up it’s a marathon you are running not a sprint cause you wont win if you look at it like that.
Lets get back to the diet, on 600 calories a day this is how I do it. It may not be for everyone but it is my way and it seems to be working. I was on 2 weetabix in the morning then I got MyFitnessPal on my Iphone and it showed me that my Weetabix in the morning was costing me 340 calories for two with milk. That wouldn’t work so I looked at options and decided on 1 Oatibix (Weetabix style brand) and that is 95 calories. The difference I could move to the evening meal and I felt I could handle that, for lunch my wife found some Bachelors Slim-a-soup different flavours but I like the Tomato at 54 calories with a Ryvita Sweet Onion Crispbread at 43 calories. The drinks I used were water, herbal tea and black coffee and the reason it was black coffee was 2 calories as opposed to 45 calories for coffee with semi-skimmed milk. So breakfast and lunch accounted for under 200 calories which left me 400 calories for the evening and believe me you can eat like a king on 400 calories. Cause I couldn’t be bothered to count my wife got out of cooking on my 3 starvation days and buys me really nice Marks and Spencer meals like one of my favourites it’s a "Fuller for Longer" Roasted Beef Meatballs and Spaghetti at only 380 calories. No bread, potatoes or rice, they are simple carbs and go straight to sugar in your blood stream making it easier to store fat. Stay clear of any white breads or white rice brown is better it’s a complex carb.
You will see on my excel spreadsheet that sometimes my low calorie days which I have picked as Monday, Wednesday and Friday are much lower than the 600 that is because I have netted the day against a strong workout meaning I can reduce my total eating calories against a 10km ride of 240 calories lost for the ride "MyFitnessPal" adjusts that on my Iphone and its perfectly legal to do. A guy I work with still eats his almost same amount as he did when he was 24 stone and now he is 13 stone a year and a half later. But and I say but, he worked out every night when he got home (he is single) for 4 hours a night on an exercise bike watching movies. He did tell me he had a really sore arse when he finally got down to his weight and I have observed to someone else that he better pray his exercise bike doesn’t break because he hasn’t addressed the root cause which is 4 two litre bottles of coke a day and for breakfast he always bringing in a slice of coffee cake and a hot chocolate from Costa Coffee. My Excel Spreadsheet

 I will update you as to my progress on this lifestyle change and will update the spreadsheet as the weeks go by. I do also take a multi-vitamin tablet to help keep my hair in good order and the rest of my body. Good luck with your plan and I wish us both good luck on it.

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