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"Relaying Not Allowed" appears when I try to send email using Aol on my Iphone 4

I know this article is not about health or therapies but as a website administrator I am a geek and when I solved this problem I thought I would share it with our community and the world wide web. Iphone 4 owners whose email is Aol are to my knowledge the only people to suffer when sending or forwarding emails and receive that "relaying not allowed" problem. This solution has worked for my wife and I and I hope it works for you.

If it does please "like" me and go to our homepage to add me as a friend, you never know I might be able to help you again in future.

So here are the instructions:

go to the Settings folder

scroll down and select the "mail, contacts, calender" tab and select to enter (you are now in the accounts screen)

select the "Aol mail" tab

In your Aol mail account select your "email address"

In the "Aol account information" screen scroll down below Outgoing mail server and select "SMTP"

you are now in the "SMTP" screen

here you select the "" directly below the Primary Server and turn the server to "Off" and press "Done"

you are now back in "SMTP" directly below the Other SMTP Servers you select "Add server"

in the "Add Server screen" you will see 3 lines enter information as follows:

"Host name" here you enter

"User name" here you enter you aol email without the

"Password" here you enter your aol password

you now "save"

Your account will verify and now you can action your send and forward emailing

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